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Woman v food

by LifeLoveLaura on August 12, 2013

It’s no secret that Big T and I love our grub. Especially a good burger… and I have the arse to prove it. We took a trip to London in May to see The Book of Mormon and to eat special burgers, you can read about it here. Lack of good burgers is something that has been the case for a long time in our home county of East Yorkshire, until recently that is. Rebels’ Smokehouse in Beverley opened in July and it’s been long awaited. With the cafe bar culture of the past few years really taking off, our local area is certainly not short of nice places to eat and drink. It’s just, sometimes, you get a bit sick of the same old things. Our area needed meat… and thanks to Rebels’ Smokehouse we now have it. Yessssss.

We wanted to go for a breakfast on Friday morning but at 10.30am we had left it a bit late. Where else could we go, we wondered. Then Rebels’ Smokehouse popped into my head. We’d heard good things about it but not yet visited so job’s a good ‘un, that’s where we went. We got there in time for opening as we were in a bit of a rush with Little T’s swimming lesson in the afternoon, so we were more or less the first people in.

I quite liked the fancy decor, in fact I was thinking of stealing some chairs for my dining room but I’m not sure I would’ve got away with it. They were quite big after all. I also agreed with some of the statement art on the wall, bacon does in fact make everything better.

Rebels' Smokehouse Beverley East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inside Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Not long after we ordered, the place started to fill up very quickly. It’s a good job we arrived when we did otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to fit in with Little T’s massive pram and I would’ve cried.

The food:

Big T and I both ordered the Civil War pit burger – from what I can remember it was their special pulled pork in between two burgers, cheese and bits and bobs of salad, pickles etc with fries and a few onion rings. I think there was meant to be some bacon in there too but it was missing for some reason. I wasn’t bothered though, there was already enough meat on there to satisfy any budding Desperate Dan. When it arrived I remember something along the lines of “oh my God,” coming out of my mouth. I’m no stranger to big portions but it was HUGE. Good job too as we were both starving! The first thing I did was have a little bit of the pulled pork, something I haven’t had since I was in the US and it was amaaaaazing. The best pulled pork I’ve ever tasted. I could’ve happily sacrificed my fries and onion rings for a bucket full of the stuff!

Civil War pit burger, Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

I then dug into the burger. The only way to do it was to cut it in half and go for it in two bits. Probably the fanny’s way out but I am a lady after all. Big T has quite a small appetite but he swiftly managed to plough through his, leaving me straggling a little bit. I didn’t give up though, although I did have to abandon the fries – not like me AT all.

My remnants of the Civil War pit burger, Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley, East Yorkshire

I did a pretty good job considering the size…

I would make only one small criticism – with the Man v Food craze sweeping the UK, there are lots of smokehouse food places popping up (thankfully!!) The one thing that the US does very well, apart from food of course, is free drinks refills. When you have food on this grand scale, you need plenty of refreshing drinks to wash it down with but buying small bottles of Coke (or any other soft drink) can be expensive and one just isn’t enough. Apart from that, it was spot on.

It’s safe to say that the grub at Rebels’ Smokehouse is enough to fill the hungriest folk. It’s very reasonably priced too – the pit burger and accompaniments was only £9.50! Once they have been open a little bit longer it could be a case of putting the prices up but I hope not, along with the amazing food and the fab decor, the decent prices are part of the charm of the place. Big T and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and we will be back very soon with the rest of our family. My parents will love it! I can see it being verrrrry bad for any future diet that I might attempt!

Laura x

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Pete August 12, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Having eaten here previously, it’s disappointing to see they still appear to be cremating their onion rings, if your photos are anything to go by.

It’s easy to get caught up in the novelty and atmosphere of the place, which *is* exciting, but that can’t cloud our judgement and enjoyment of the food itself.

I’m now just that little bit more disappointed and concerned regarding what may be my last visit there next week.


LifeLoveLaura August 13, 2013 at 1:07 pm

Pete, you sound like ever such a cheery fellow.

Also, tell them about their onion rings and your disappointment, not me. I don’t work there, I just enjoyed their food.


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