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Apr 1

Share your nursery: Catherine & Jenson


by LifeLoveLaura on April 1, 2014

Welcome to “Share your nursery,” the feature where mummies and daddies give other parents and parents to be tips, experiences and nursery decor inspiration! This week we have a lovely Twitter mummy, Catherine.

Life Love Laura Share your nursery Catherine and Jenson

Hi! I’m Catherine and mummy to Jenson who is 11 months old (nearly the big 1, it’s gone so fast, boo hoo!) We live in Norfolk with hubby/daddy Andy and our naughty tortie cat Ellie. My twitter name is @cat_chatters.

Being a mummy

I absolutely love being a mummy, its the best job in the world!! I will admit however that it was not what I expected in the beginning. I had dreamt about being a mum for a long time and thought it would be all hearts and flowers and everything would just come naturally but I had the baby blues and struggled to bond with Jenson. Along with episiotomy stitches that took 12 weeks to heal (ouch!) and struggling with breastfeeding it was hard but now I’m through the other side I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The bond we have now is just incredible and the feeling I get when he flashes me that gorgeous smile or he progresses in some way is just magical and I’m so proud of him.

Has becoming a parent changed you at all?

Becoming a parent has made me realise that A LOT of things are possible with 1 hand! Andy and I are both nuts so having Jenson is a great way for us to act silly and get away with it and Jenson loves us messing about. All joking aside I feel like a stronger person and I’m learning not to stress out as much as I did before, life’s too short! Andy & I are even closer than we were before and he is a fantastic daddy and such a supportive husband.

The question on every new parents’ lips – how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

The lack of sleep was very hard! A week after Jenson was born I remember my brother-in-law asking us whether having a newborn was harder or easier than we thought, I said harder and Andy said easier. Andy’s one of those people that falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow whereas I would often lay there watching Jenson, listening for him breathing and any noise would wake me up. Jenson is actually a really good, chilled out baby most of the time so we are very lucky but nothing can prepare you for the lack of sleep.

Share your nursery

Life Love Laura Share your nursery Catherine and Jenson

Life Love Laura Share your nursery Catherine and Jenson

Life Love Laura Share your nursery Catherine and Jenson

life love laura catherine and jenson share your nursery

We wanted it to be a surprise as to whether we were having a boy or girl so we decided to paint the nursery a lovely pastel yellow which would be neutral. Andy’s a big fan of elephants and I of giraffes so it just had to be a jungle theme which turned out perfect because Jenson’s a little monkey! His room is colourful with lots of toys and books, I love it!

Did you decorate whilst you were pregnant or did you wait until Jenson arrived?

We did decorate while I was pregnant although we did leave it quite late because Andy along with my dad had been knocking a wall down between our kitchen and dining room and therefore this was more of a priority as we didn’t want lots of dust and noise with a baby around. The late decorating worried me as I wanted it finished before he arrived because my nesting instinct was kicking in but it wouldn’t have mattered because he was in our room for the first 6 months.

What is your favourite part of Jenson’s nursery?

I love the personal touches so the large letters spelling out his name which I painted, his name train which came from Ibiza courtesy of his nan & grandad and his name in the frame.

What are your most useful nursery items?

1. His changing unit as we used this from day 1 and I love the baskets and drawers underneath as they are great for storing wipes, cream and muslins etc.

2. His light that projects onto the ceiling, it was about £8 from a supermarket and Jenson loved watching the stars & moon and listening to the tunes to go off to sleep.

3. His moses basket which we used for a good few months and was great moving from the living room in the day to the bedroom at night. The funny thing is we never thought we’d need one but Andy’s mum & dad got it for a bargain price.

We also love our gro-egg so we can easily tell the room temperature and obviously the baby monitor is essential. We are also big fans of the baby sleeping bags too, blankets scare me!

Is there anything in Jenson’s nursery that you haven’t used or needed?

There hasn’t been anything we’ve bought that we didn’t use at some point (even the cot mobile).

If you could have one dream nursery item, what would it be?

Its not a dream item but a bigger wardrobe for his clothes would be great as I seem to have an obsession with buying clothes for Jenson and I can’t see this changing for a long long time!

Thank you Catherine and Jenson! I adore those drawers and baskets, they’re very rustic. Jenson is a sweetie too! If you would like to take part in “Share your nursery,” please contact me via Twitter or Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

Laura x

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Mar 11

Share your nursery: Elaine & Angus


by LifeLoveLaura on March 11, 2014

Oh how I love Tuesdays as it’s “Share your nursery” day! This week we have the lovely Elaine and Angus…

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

Hiya, I’m Elaine and I have a wee boy called Angus who is 6 months old now. We live in Central Scotland  along with our devoted slave Andrew, AKA daddy and hubby.

Becoming a mummy

After 5 years of trying, we were blessed with Angus. Things were really difficult for the first couple of months and due to the problems we had with him not sleeping at all in his moses basket initially, we bought a Toddle Pod which you can see in the picture placed inside the cot which I covered with an extra layer of super cosy fleece as it is winter here in Scotland so gets quite chilly! He has been in that since he was 3 weeks old & I think really helped. I breastfed for 9 weeks & as soon as I changed to formula Angus was like a different baby much more relaxed & happy thank goodness.

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

I have found parenting so very hard at times & have recently been diagnosed with post natal depression. I really don’t know what the hardest thing about it is so far but I would have to say the unknown & learning, oh there’s so much to learn all the time! Not to mention all the differing opinions on how things should be done it’s very overwhelming trying to decide on what’s best for you and your baby! The one thing I was not prepared for at all was TEETHING, it is absolute hell. I wish I had known so I could have known what to expect but it hit me really hard. Angus just cannot cope with it at all – you name it, I’ve tried it!!

Has becoming a parent changed you at all?

I feel that becoming a parent has changed me in that my life revolves around Angus now. Instead of online window shopping for me I’m always buying things for him! I’m also a bit more laid back about life in general and for the first time ever I am usually late for everything now whereas before I was always on time, organised & efficient haha!!

The question on every new parents’ lips – how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

I have been so lucky with Angus. After our initial problems, with guidance from a lovely lady called Lisa Clegg at Blissful Baby Expert (you can find Lisa on Twitter here) we started loosely on a bit of routine which Angus and I both thrived on and he has been sleeping through the night 7pm-7am from around 12 weeks old.  I am so grateful for that!

Share your nursery

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

life love laura share your nursery elaine and angus

Did you decorate whilst you were expecting or did you wait until Angus arrived?

Strangely I wasn’t one of those mums to be that obsessed over nursery decor. Our nursery was always a spare room which had plain lilac wallpaper & carpet & some old furniture to store bits in.  The plan was when Angus is a bit bigger we will swap rooms with him so we didn’t really see the point in going to the expense of decorating the nursery we would rather save the money and decorate it when he’s a toddler and has a favourite cartoon character etc. We are very short on storage space so I got one of those hooks that goes over the door & I hang his jackets & snow suits on there, which is handy. We had to put Angus in his cot really early and it wouldn’t fit in our room so we have a single bed in his nursery that I sleep in.

I love tatty teddy so I bought a few wall stickers & light switch cover sticker just to baby up the room a wee bit.

What is your favourite part of the nursery?

The main thing I wanted was a nursing chair as I planned to spend a lot of time in it with baby and I’m so glad I did. It has become part of our routine, we cuddle up in it  and he knows it’s feed/sleep time and it’s also comfortable for me.

What are the most useful items in the nursery?

I love our Gro-egg. Just a glance lets me know if I should be going to put the heating on or an extra blanket. We got the KUB Madera set of furniture which I absolutely love & I couldn’t live without my changing unit! The undercot drawer is perfect for extra storage also but I’d say my three must have items are my nursing chair, changing unit & the toddle pod!

Is there anything in the nursery that you haven’t used?

The one thing we got that we could’ve done without is his cot mobile although now he likes to look at it for a minute it really serves no purpose as we don’t use it to get him to sleep and he’s not interested in the music either.

If you could have one dream nursery item, what would it be?

My dream nursery item would be a nursing chair but I have it so yay! I really can’t think of anything else I would dream of having. Oh actually yes it would be a video monitor! For some reason I didn’t think it would be necessary but I’ve since changed my mind when I imagine him being able to stand himself up etc!

Thank you Elaine and little sweetie Angus. The Toddle Pod is a fab idea, I may have to look into one of those for our next baby (whenever that may be!!) You can follow Elaine and Angus on Twitter at @MRSMPGD.

Would you like to take part in “Share your nursery”? If so, please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, I’d love to hear from you!

Laura x


Jan 28

Share your nursery: Sharon & Ellis

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by LifeLoveLaura on January 28, 2014

It’s “Share your nursery” day once again! This week we have another of Little T’s fab Twitter aunties, Sharon and her beautiful little fella Ellis. Take a look at this swish nursery, it’s fit for a prince!

Share your nursery

I’m Sharon, mummy to little E & wife of super-Dan. I’m a wannabe stay at home mum who has just gone back to work full time so am currently getting my head around this new life & desperately trying to find some balance. 

Being a mummy

Becoming a parent has been both the easiest and the hardest job for me (cliche klaxon!). We thought it would take us a while but were fortunate that it didn’t take too long at all. We thought we were clued up but we weren’t even close! Despite thinking we were prepared for anything we were pretty shellshocked by E’s arrival which was very traumatic to say the least. When I tell people about it (including my post birth post traumatic stress counsellor) they ask about post natal depression and how it affected bonding but thankfully I’ve never felt that this suffered. Somehow I avoided post natal depression (I say ‘somehow’ but quite frankly I reckon it was solely down to having an awesome husband). It’s just always felt natural and easy really. Of course there have been nights when he just never stopped crying (and some when we haven’t stopped crying either!) but thankfully these have been pretty rare. 

Has becoming a mummy changed you at all?

Parenting has taught me the importance of the role we have to bring up our children. I don’t have a good relationship with my parents & they didn’t ever really make me feel like they trusted me or had any kind of faith in me and my abilities. I watch programmes like ‘Wanted Down Under’ and get furious with the parents who use emotional blackmail to stop their kids from moving away. So selfish. I like to think that if E ever wanted to move to the other side of the world that this would be my response; “yes it will break my heart but what would break my heart even more is knowing that you haven’t followed your dreams. If it’s your dream to go then you get on that plane right now my boy & go live your life to the full. (And get a job that pays well enough for you to pay for my flights every six months!)”

The question on every new parents’ lips – how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

The first six weeks were the worst in terms of sleep but we didn’t really have it that bad. The hardest but was because it took me 12 weeks to really fully recover. I was definitely very poorly for the first 3-4weeks so lack of sleep was just one more thing to handle. We just got on with trying to establish a very clear day/night routine and regular 4 hour feeds as much as possible. That worked well for us and Ellis slept 7pm-7am (or thereabouts) from about 20 weeks.

Share your nursery

life love laura share your nursery




Where did you find the inspiration for Ellis’ nursery?

Our nursery decoration is largely inspired by not wanting to do too much when I was pregnant!! Our colour scheme stayed the same, we just added wall stickers on the main purple wall and around the changing table area. We knew E was a boy so were happy to stay with purple. I think it would have been the same if we had been having a girl to be honest! Our scheme is a little odd-we like to think of it as the crazy robot circus zoo theme. We’ll probably change it when E is a little older & can help decide but for now it works. I’m not a fan of pink/blue themes at all so his room was never going to be a pastel haven!

What is your favourite part of the nursery?

My favourite part is the feeding chair as its where I do E’s bedtime story and bottle before bed. We have some lovely cuddles there & it’s pretty comfy too. It was just a cheap Ikea seat but you can’t put a price on sleepy snuggles.

Which would you say are your most useful nursery items?

Three most useful items – fairly boring but true: 

1. Cot bed for obvious reasons. Ours was in sale in Babies’R'Us and will last four years. Bargain.

2. Fisher Price Seahorse.  Plays soothing music to E when he sleeps. I swear by this toy. It’s amazing.

3. Changing mat. We just got a cheap one from Mothercare and its great. Does the job and is easy to move if needed.

And I wouldn’t be without the following: 

1. A big bin for nappies – we use a recycling bin. Those buggers stink. We also use air freshening/odour eliminating things nearby to combat said stench. I know there are special ‘disposal systems’ but friends who have them don’t rate them so I’m glad we never bothered. 

2. Angelcare monitor. This has sound and movement sensor and I think it’s great.

3. Feeding chair. At the start you spend such a long time glued to that seat. It pays to get a comfy one!!

4. A speaker/ipod combo – we have a list on Spotify of songs by ‘Rockabye Baby’ they are lullaby versions of pop and rock anthems. When we’re done with reading a story and drinking our milk we have a little chill out hugging and listening to tunes. E seems to particularly like Coldplay, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. 

If you could have one dream nursery item, what would it be?

I’m not sure what my one dream item would be – now that E has decided he doesn’t want to stay still when doing nappy changes I would love a way to get him to stop getting up! I don’t think such a thing exists though!! We’ve definitely found sleeping bags are the best sleeping aid especially when it’s chilly so maybe a never ending supply of those!

Sharon, you have such a fab approach to parenting! Your Wanted Down Under comment made me chuckle. If E does go and takes you along, can I hide in your suitcase please? You can follow Sharon and Ellis’ adventures on Twitter at @MrsSWoodward.

If you would like to take part in “Share your nursery,” please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Laura x