May 19

Sunday catch up

by LifeLoveLaura on May 19, 2013

It’s Sunday catch up time! This week saw the blog at its most popular so far so thank you everybody that has been reading and commenting, it really does mean a lot! if you have missed anything this week, here goes…

Lydia Bright lace top dress - £75

Lydia Bright lace top dress – £75

There was no post on Monday due to rubbish-y techincal issues so Tuesday was the start of the week on LLL when I shared my current love list. At a time when you don’t have the funds for shopping, why do you see a load of lovely stuff in the shops? Typical!

A two week old Little T and his friend Daisy

A two week old Little T and his friend Daisy

Wednesday’s post was all about pets and babies. A potentially controversial topic but being a an animal lover it’s something I feel quite strongly about. What do you think?

Crying babies are FUN

Crying babies are FUN

Thursday saw the busiest day on the blog so far with a post that seemed to be quite a raw subject for a lot of mums. Don’t you just hate it when other parents think they have a licence to be smug? If so, this post is for you!

Make, Do & Push Mash-Up Week

Make, Do & Push Mash-Up Week – An East Coast engagement

On Friday I was blogging all about our engagement over at the fabulous Make, Do and Push! It was lovely to relive it all again, thank you for having us Hannah!

And there we have it for another week on Life, Love, Laura.

Laura x




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