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Snuguns: A review

by LifeLoveLaura on November 19, 2013

My child is an escape artist. He used to sit happily wearing his cable knit flat cap or zebra hat but now he’s a little bit older and more aware that there’s something plonked on top of his head, he’s having none of it. It comes straight off. Now that winter is well and truly here I was wondering, if he won’t even keep a hat on how on Earth am I going to keep a pair of gloves on his tiny hands?

I thought about attaching some elastic to a new pair of mittens and threading them through his sleeves but that only really solves the issue of losing them when he inevitably pulls them off! Then, when googling the problem I came across Snuguns - an instant answer to my problem. Snuguns are mittens that fit right up the arm (under or over the sleeves of little one’s coat) so once they’re on, they are quite difficult for your baby to take off. Exactly what you want on chilly days like and exactly what I need for Little T. So, without looking for an alternative solution I ordered a pair in navy blue and they arrived a couple of days ago. Cue long Daisy and Little T walk to test them out! I was very impressed and after an hour’s dog walk in some nearby gardens, we returned home with gloves still firmly in place. T had tried to get them off with his teeth on a couple of occasions but after realising it wasn’t going to happen, he gave up and I *think* he forgot the gloves were even there! Oh, and because his hands were nicely wrapped up warm, his hat stayed on too. Double win!


Snuguns (1)

Snuguns (2)

Snuguns (3)

Snuguns (4)

Snuguns (5)



- They have grippy polka dots so toys and sippy cups don’t slip out of your baby’s hands whilst they are wearing their gloves. The polka dots also look really cute!

- Snuguns are mittens without a thumb section, the hands all go in together so it makes putting them on very easy – like socks for hands!

- They are quite tight, obviously not tight enough to be uncomfortable on your baby’s arm but tight enough to not be pulled off easily.

- They come in lots of funky colours, all with the grippy polka dots

- They fit from birth, right up until 4 years

- Double layered for extra warmth


- I actually can’t think of any, other than it would be nice to have more animal designs to choose from. That is the only con I could think of as they really did solve our problem!

All in all, I love (and T loves) his Snuguns so much that I’m thinking of buying a second pair in green. I’m also thinking of having a go with their Grippa socks too, as, surprise surprise, T isn’t a fan of wearing anything that covers his feet either!! Thank you for a fab product, Snuguns!

Laura x

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post, I paid for the Snuguns with my own hard earned money. I am merely a mum that has found something very useful, wanting to share it with my readers!*

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Tarana November 20, 2013 at 11:38 am

Aww, he is so adorable! Mine never wore mittens, but I wish I’d found these. It’s refreshing to read a review that did not involve compensation in any form ;)


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