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Share your nursery: Lisa & Lottie

by LifeLoveLaura on January 21, 2014

A very belated Happy New Year everybody! “Share your nursery” is back for 2014 and first up this year I have one of Little T’s Twitter aunties, Lisa and her gorgeous little lady Lottie.

life love laura share your nursery

Hi, I’m Lisa and mummy to Charlotte (or Lottie) who is now the grand old age of 6 months! We live in Aldershot with our lovely husband/daddy Stu, but I’m originally from a little village near Romsey, in Hampshire.

Being a mummy
After almost 20 years as a childrens nanny, being a mum is everything I dreamed it would be & more. I’m blessed with a very happy baby, who has settled into our lives beautifully. Even when she has to be woken at 6am to go to work with me and we don’t get home until 9pm some nights. She’s a little star!

life love laura share your nursery

Share your nursery
Lottie only has a little corner of our bedroom at present, but as babies do, she has taken over our little flat in the best way! Lottie’s cot is a space saver cot from Kiddiecare as we are very limited on space. The theme was decided after her lovely Aunty Nikki @nikniknan) bought a gorgeous multicoloured mamas & papas blanket (the one in Lottie’s pics!).

life love laura share your nursery

life love laura share your nursery

Is there anything in your nursery that you couldn’t live without?
Things I couldn’t live without are our GroEgg & Angelcare monitor. Lottie sleeps through from around 9pm until 7am, but I wake frequently & these things mean I don’t have to get up & disturb her. I can just squint through bleary eyes to check all is well. Who knew motherhood would make me such a worrier?!

Motherhood brings out the worrier in even the most level headed person I think Lisa, I worry like mad at the tiniest thing! Thank you so much for taking part in “Share your nursery,” Lottie’s ‘room’ is gorgeous and is a perfect example of how to create a little baby haven for your little one in the smallest of spaces.

You can follow Lisa and Lottie on twitter at the Twitter handle @lisajbee.

If you would like to take part in “Share your nursery” please contact me via Twitter or Facebook, I’d love to hear from you and your little ones. Thank you!

Laura x

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Amy January 21, 2014 at 10:40 am

Aww, it’s lovely, I love those Mamas & Papas blankets, what a good idea to take inspiration from that, gives it all a significance. As for being a worrier – I think that has hit Andy more than me, Scarlett is 5 and she still has a baby monitor in her room despite me saying she could probably do without (it’s used more as a communication tool for drinks or middle of the night toilet trips!)


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