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Share your nursery: Lauren & Seren

by LifeLoveLaura on December 17, 2013

It’s time for this week’s “Share your nursery” where I’m handing over to the lovely Lauren, also known as Pretty Star Designs. Have a look Lauren’s shop, she doesn’t half make some pretties!

Lauren and Seren

Hi, I’m Lauren, and my daughter is Babystar, we live in Wales. I’m 24 and Babystar is almost 2!

Being a mummy
Being a parent can be a little bit challenging at times for anybody, and for me, also now being a single parent and having a special needs baby can be quite stressful (all the appointments, operations etc) to go with the normal things having a toddler brings – teething, colds, feeding and lack of sleep. Babystar has been a miracle baby all along and continues to be, the strength and fight in her is very inspiring to see!

Has being a mummy changed you at all?
Being a mother has definitely changed me, having to be strong for her with all the things she’s gone through and learning masses of medical and technical things has been a steep learning curve. I knew from 20 weeks pregnant that she had medical problems so I thankfully had time to prepare and start reading up on things! I’ve always been a bit kooky so fit in perfectly with a crazy baby/toddler, we have so much fun together every day!

The question on all new parents’ lips – how do you cope with the lack of sleep?
Babystar is a pretty good sleeper luckily, she does have her moments like all children but the majority of the time sleeps in the cotbed in her nursery all night long until 8am. Taking the side off her cotbed at 19 months was a big step and it took a good few months for her to re-learn her sleeping routine, not escaping and staying in her bed not mine! Occasionally she runs into my bed in the middle of the night or the morning if I’m still asleep and cuddles up to me, which is so cute!

Share your nursery

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Where did you find the inspiration for Seren’s nursery?
I spent many years dreaming up how my future child’s nursery would look and how I would paint it but I haven’t really done anything I had planned on! I had planned on decorating, but being as we only had the keys to our new build flat a few weeks before she arrived. It was basically a shell with no flooring and builders were in and out making a big mess. We still lived with my parents luckily and ended up not moving in until she was over 17 weeks old. I knew that when it was done I wanted it to feature lots of stars though, I bought some Mamas & Papas creamy brown star wallpaper but still haven’t put it up!!

I had a big pink star mirror from my parents in 2004 so that was the first thing to go up in Babystar’s room. All of her cupboards were passed down from a family member and they were bright purple but had begun life as yellow so I spent many weeks when she was a few weeks old sanding them and painting them all white. 

When I was 31 weeks pregnant and having my last baby heart ultrasound before birth I went to Ikea that afternoon and bought the big white hanging star for her ceiling from their Christmas 2011 range. I remember having to sit down in the warehouse section thinking “baby please don’t come now, not in the middle of Ikea!” I’d been in slow labour since 29 weeks and I knew I was getting ill too, developing pre-eclampsia, so trying to keep her inside when I knew she was ill and most definitely needed the extra time was tough!! 

All of her little trinkets are my old belongings, 20+ year old Disney music boxes on her windowsill, the blackout blinds are from Tesco, the cloud canopy is Ikea, mobile and photo frames are Mamas and Papas. Now that I’ve taken the side off the cot I’ve put a little yellow chair as her bedside table for her water bottle, the chair was mine as a toddler!

The letters are from Mamas and Papas, it took many months to get the complete set! I had a gender scan at 16 weeks, and we went straight to the shop to buy some star things. I saw the S and that’s how we decided to tell people, everyone knew that if we ever had a girl she’d be called Seren (Welsh for star) so afterwards, we drove back to my parents house, my mum was standing at the door eagerly waiting and I couldn’t wait, just grabbed the S out of the bag in the middle of the street! Pretty sure one of us screamed and think both of us cried!

What is your favourite part of Seren’s nursery?
My favourite items in the nursery are her big cot bed, now that the side is off we often just sit in there before bedtime. I love the fact it has so many different options from full cot to a toddler bed and day bed. Why spend money on different cots, small beds, kids beds when a cot bed can last for years? I also love her Saplings Katie crib from ToysRUs which is now full of teddies!

Which is your most useful nursery item?
The video baby monitor!

Are there any items that you have discovered you can live without?
The cot mobile is far too loud to ever be used to send her to sleep. I only bought the few basics you need the first few weeks and then bought stuff as we went along so didn’t really end up having anything we didn’t need gladly, living in a flat so space is in demand! It can be a bit stressful not having everything ready for baby but her early arrival was very stressful, we had the basics and a car seat (husband had to go buy her crib and tiny baby clothes whist I was in hospital though!!) so we managed fine, you need far less than all the baby shopping catalogues make you believe!

If you could have one dream nursery item what would it be?
It would either be a Stokke Sleepi cot (I’m a big Stokke fan!), or a bigger room for her. I’d love to have a huge wall to decorate and space for her toys in there too. I love the long wall hung book rails on Pinterest, so having a big nursery/playroom with a built in cupboard for all the clothes out of the way and books all around is the dream!

Thank you so much for sharing Seren’s nursery with us Lauren. It’s fit for a princess and I love that you have passed down a lot of your things to her, it’s so sweet! Lauren is on Twitter and you can follow her here.

If you would like to take part in “Share your nursery” I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Laura x

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