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Share your nursery: Helen & Annabelle

by LifeLoveLaura on December 10, 2013

This week on “Share your nursery” we have mine and Big T’s good friend Helen and Little T’s pal Annabelle, who live on THE most amazing farm! Over to you Helen…

Share you nursery

My name is Helen I’m 26 although I sometimes feel a lot older – it may have something to do with being a parent, I hear my mum’s words coming out of my mouth and shock myself! My little angel is growing up very quickly indeed. I’m sure most of you will agree how scary and exciting watching your little ones grow up is. Her name is Annabelle but she has the nickname of ‘ Bubba.’ Don’t ask me why, it’s just stuck! We live on a farm and it’s safe to say an old farm house can be a scary place for a mother as it’s not the most child friendly with its stone floors and open fires so I’m vigilant about this and spend all my day chasing Annabelle around. 

Share your nursery

Share your nursery

Share your nursery

Tell us about Annabelle’s room…

We (the Royal we) decided to do the nursery in yellow, my favourite colour, and baby pink. We found out we were having a princess at 20 weeks so having some form of pink was a must. With Bubba’s room being the smallest in the house we couldn’t go too mad as fitting her cot, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in was a squeeze.  We decided to have a baby safe playroom as well as her nursery where there are no hard floors or pointy edges to worry about. Her play room even has an en-suite for those nappy disasters that crop up on you from time to time! The playroom is the same colour scheme as her nursery but I went a bit wall sticker crazy but as it’s a large room it can take it – princess castles, the alphabet, numbers and some slightly scary looking owls! I even went for a purple carpet, why not?!

What was the item you found the most useful?

Living in a big old farmhouse heating was a slight concern so we couldn’t live without the mini oil filled radiated with a temperature gauge and our BT baby monitor with a temp warning light and alarm on it, so far so good! We have been very lucky in that Bubba loves her sleep (she takes after me), I’d say apart from eating it’s one of my favourite things to do!

Is there anything that you’ve discovered you can live without?

Now, if I knew then what I do now I wouldn’t of panicked so much about getting absolutely everything they tell you too in all the baby shops. We bought a lovely but rather expensive cot bed from Mamas and Papas with one of those changing table things on top. Apparently this was a ‘must buy’ for someone with a small amount of space… NEVER used it. The floor with a change pad was a much safer option with a tiny baby and a sleep deprived mother so I’d say that was a waste of money. If and when we decide to welcome another little person into the world I will definitely not be buying half the things that I bought for Annabelle. Don’t even get me started on the Moses basket!

Thank you so much for sharing Bubba’s nursery with us Helen. I know you’re a very busy lady running your farm and looking after Annabelle and Deez! (Deez is Helen’s adorable but huge Doberman!!)

Laura x

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