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Share your nursery: Carly & Joe

by LifeLoveLaura on March 25, 2014

Welcome to “Share your nursery,” the feature where mummies and daddies give other parents and parents to be tips, experiences and nursery decor inspiration! This week we have a lovely Twitter mummy, Carly.

life love laura share your nursery carly and joe
Hi, I’m Carly Moram otherwise known as @Mrs_Carly_M on Twitter. Wife to Nick and mummy to Joe who was born just before Christmas on 16 December. I am the one who posts all the photos of burgers over on Instagram and photos of my amazing husband’s dinners, although these days most of my pics are of my beautiful little boy. Sorry for clogging up your feeds people!
We live in Sutton, just outside London and have been renovating our house for the past 2 years. We are almost complete, with just the hallway, garden and drive to do.

Being a mummy and daddy

I like to think that my husband and I have slipped into parenting quite well. Nick has three nieces and one nephew so has always been around babies and little people. I, however, had never changed a nappy until I changed my sons for the first time! Safe to say I am now a pro and can do it with my eyes shut at 3am in the morning! With Nick being very calm and me being a organised control freak I think we make a very good team when it comes to looking after Joe. 

I have found the hardest aspect about being a new parent the amount of worrying you do! I have always been a worrier and I have found I worry about anything and everything when it comes to Joe. Why hasn’t he done a poo today?/Why has he done too many poos today? Is he too hot? Is he too cold? Basically just worrying that he is not happy! I realise the more I get the hang of it, the more I will learn to control my worries and have been told that from now on, I will always worry. Even when he has grown up and got a family of his own! I have just got to deal with it.
My favourite part about being a parent is how we have got into a routine already. I love how the three of us sit together in the evenings and chill out in front of the tv or go for walks in town on a Sunday afternoon. I love our little family and I am looking forward to all the things we can do together!

Has becoming a mummy changed you at all?

Becoming a parent has definitely made me become more patient. Its also made me realise it doesn’t matter if I haven’t cleaned the bathroom or ironed the bed sheets. I’d rather spend that hour with my son playing and getting gorgeous gummy smiles and giggles!

The question on every new parents’ lips – how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

When it comes to coping with the lack of sleep – my answer: Just deal with it! Its amazing how much you can do on only a small amount of sleep! I am not going to lie, those first few weeks where a smack in the face, I actually used to dread going to bed but it’s not so bad now. I am lucky, Nick takes on Friday and Saturday nights so even if I have a bad night during the week, I have those two nights to look forward to!!

Share your nursery

life love laura share your nursery carly and joe

life love laura share your nursery carly and joe

Because we never found out if we were having a girl or a boy when I was pregnant, we couldn’t be too crazy with the nursery décor. We decided on plain white walls and added colour in the form of the rainbow primary colours. This way we were pretty safe.

If any of you follow me on Instagram you will know we have been extremely lucky with Nick’s dad basically taking it upon himself to renovate our house. He done an awesome job with our kitchen and living room last year and when we announced the news we were expecting he got straight on the nursery case. He decorated the nursery and our bedroom in time for when I started maternity leave at the end of November.

Our nursery is plain, with white walls with lots of rainbow colours dotted around the room. We found some lovely rainbow striped fabric in John Lewis so had a blind made. The lady even made us a cushion for our rocking chair with the leftover fabric. We came across some fab colourful prints from Showler and Showler for the walls and collected a few wooden toys for the shelves over the duration of my pregnancy.

life love laura share your nurser carly and joe showler and showler prints

Which is your favourite part of Joe’s nursery?

These shelves are my favourite part of the nursery. I love the bus (working for a London bus company I am not ashamed to say I am a bit of a bus geek!) and the London taxi. 

life love laura share your nursery carly and joe

Which items in Joe’s nursery have you found to be the most useful?

The changing unit – this is what gets used the most in the room. We got the unit, the cot and toy box as a set from Mothercare. The unit holds everything we need for Joe when changing him. I have organised it so everything is at hand for when it comes to changing his nappies and changing him. I also find this is where we play with a few of his rattles and other toys wjile he is laying there.

The toy box – it will eventually hold all of Joe’s toys but at the moment it is an excellent place to hide all our bed sheets and towels!!

Joe’s wardrobe! It’s huge! We have enough space for all his clothes twice over! It also stores the car seat when we are not using it.
Nick’s dad designed it for if we ever have another baby and they share bedroom. It has more rail space then my wardrobe and a built in chest of drawers!

life love laura share your nursery carly and joe
Is there anything that you have found you don’t need or haven’t used?

There is nothing we don’t really need. I suppose the cot as he is sleeping in the crib in our room at the moment but that will be getting used soon. 

If you could have one dream nursery item, what would it be? 

My dream nursery item would be a lovely, comfy rocking chair. We have one which is a bit ‘trendy’ but boy, is it uncomfortable! Its plastic and really doesn’t do the job with the night feeds. There is no head rest and its so hard it makes your bum go numb. It does look good though!

Thank you so much Carly, I adore Joe’s nursery. The white and rainbow theme is so simple but so pretty! If you would like to take part in “Share your nursery,” please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook, I’d love to hear from you!

Laura x

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Donna March 25, 2014 at 5:12 pm

Love the rainbow stripes theme! So unisex and bold, really love it! That wardrobe is amazing too! x
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LifeLoveLaura March 25, 2014 at 5:39 pm

It’s beautiful isn’t it? Definitely a theme to remember for our next! :)


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