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Nautical Knick-Knacks

by LifeLoveLaura on June 21, 2013

I’m obsessed with anything nautical but we know that already! It can be a seasonal thing for some, donning the stripes and the anchors in the summer. It’s a bit of a shame that shops only offer this trend in the spring and summer though as for me it’s an all year round love! It started when I was tiny and seems to have been inherited from my dad who was a Merchant Navy Captain. I think living on the outskirts of Hull has also contributed, it’s riddled with maritime history. Anything with a bit of rope or an anchor never fails to catch my eye. Have you seen the kids TV programme Grandpa in my Pocket? It is set in the most amazing beach hut! If I ever won the lottery…

Grandpa in my Pocket

Grandpa in my Pocket

This season Next have nailed it with the nautical. They have so many wonderful things in their stores at the moment, I’m not sure my directory card can take the pressure of my spend happy nature! Here are a few of my favourite nautical knick-knacks from Next. I need some more Grandpa in my Pocket decor in my life!

Shipping forecast tapestry - £60

Shipping forecast tapestry – £60

Promenade mugs - £12

Promenade mugs – £12

Lighthouse cushion - £12

Lighthouse cushion – £12

Pirate bed - £299

Pirate bed – £299

Metal bell - £8

Metal bell – £8

Life buoy print cushion - £12

Life buoy print cushion – £12

Shutter mirror - £99

Shutter mirror – £99

Buoy lamp - £50

Buoy lamp – £50

Framed seaside picture - £30

Framed seaside picture – £30

Sherlock chair - £175 to £550

Sherlock chair – £175 to £550

Nautical but nice cushion - £14

Nautical but nice cushion – £14

Maps wallpaper - £15 per roll

Maps wallpaper – £15 per roll

Anchor bedding - £10 to £15

Anchor bedding – £10 to £15

I adore the anchor bedding so much that I’m going to buy it for both mine and Big T’s room and Little T’s nautical nursery. A little OTT some might say but I’ve never done things by half!

Laura x

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I Am Into This June 23, 2013 at 9:15 am

That pirate bed is awesome! My son’s nursery is pirate themed. If only he were older than 9m so I could buy it!


LifeLoveLaura June 23, 2013 at 9:17 am

Isn’t it?! Awww my boy is 9 months too! I’m seriously thinking of buying it, sticking it in the loft and bringing it down when he’s old enough. The husband wouldn’t agree though ;)


Amy Georgina June 25, 2013 at 9:10 am

Dude, you need to buy that Pirate bed.


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