Mar 8

Love List #5

by LifeLoveLaura on March 8, 2014

I don’t want to jinx it but the weather seems to be on the up which means one thing – spring is on its way! That means another thing, I can start shopping for Little T some new clothes, yay! I haven’t always shopped in Zara, let’s face it, nothing in there has ever fit me but recently there have been a few things in the baby section that have caught my eye. I aren’t even going to apologise for the amount of nautical stuff here either, most people know it’s what Little T is all about! Here are some of my current favourites for Little T…


zara trench coat

Zara trench coat with striped lining £22.99

zara parka with checked lining

Zara parka with checked lining £22.99

zara anchor jumper

Zara anchor print sweater £14.99

zara knitted hooded jacket

Zara knitted jacket with hood £17.99

zara mustard baseball boot

Zara classic leather basketball boots £17.99

zara dont touch my hat top

Zara “don’t touch my hat” top £4.99

zara arrow print leggings

Zara arrow print leggings £6.99

zara music tshirt

Zara “music makes the people come together” tshirt £3.99

zara blue music tshirt

Zara “music makes the world go round” tshirt £3.99

Zara paw print leggings

Zara paw print leggings £6.99


mint green clarks doodles

Clarks mint green doodles (in the girls section but T is having them anyway!) £18.00

clarks pirate doodles

Clarks “Treasure Fun” Doodles £17.00


H&M boys captains hat

H&M captain’s hat £3.99

H&M sweatpants £3.99

H&M sweatpants £3.99

H&M jersey striped leggings

H&M jersey striped leggings £3.99

H&M blue chinos

H&M blue chinos £5.99

H&M spotted vest £3.99

H&M spotted vest £3.99

H&M deck shoes £7.99

H&M deck shoes £7.99


Tesco three pack photo tshirts £7

Tesco three pack photo tshirts £7


next woody toy story sunsafe swimsuit

Next Woody sunsafe swimsuit £14-15

What are you loving for your little ones?

Laura x

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