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Life before little ones: “How life has changed…”

by LifeLoveLaura on May 5, 2014

There have been a lot of focus on the past on Life Love Laura recently with my Ten Years Ago post and the #MarriedMay series. Whilst I am away on holiday this week I’ve asked a few of my fellow mummy friends to reminisce about their lives before little ones. I might be speaking for myself here but it seems like sooooo long ago – a full night’s sleep and waking up without feeling knackered, having spare money left at the end of the month and not having mountains of food stained laundry! I absolutely adore my Little T and being a mum but I do think about my life before a lot, especially wondering what the hell Big T and I did with all of our time! I’m handing over to Donna from Redhead Babyled to tell us all about her “life before little ones…”

I have an app on my phone that I check every day. It’s a simple app – It reminds me of my Facebook status updates on that day for each previous year. Up until a year or so ago I was an avid Facebook user and so had Facebook status updates most days – If not multiple times a day. I’ve started to notice that when I check this app each morning the last three years of updates are very pregnancy/baby related – Baby photos, sleepless nights, milestones. Usual ‘parent’ updates and not much else really! But looking four, five or six years ago and the updates are very different.

Life before children was full of work but the weekends and evenings were full too – Full of meals at restaurants, concerts, drinks with friends, theme parks and days out. Alcohol was often involved, we never had to be home by a certain time and we could, in effect, do what we wanted to do.

There were years where Hubby and I would go to a concert most months, spending so much time in London at the 02, Wembley, the Roundhouse. We saw Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics,even The Beautiful South. We lived for music, the atmosphere at concerts and the feel good feeling that would last days afterwards.

Hubby and I also used to go on action packed holidays – only one a year but we’d see all there was to see in the country, doing something every day and getting a real feel of the country, the culture and the history. Holidays with jungle treks, speedboat rides, monster trucks. We lived for our holidays and went all out when we got to go on one.

redhead babyled life love laura life before little ones

We also went around the UK at the drop of a hat – Driving to Cardiff to see U2, driving to Nottingham for weekends to see family and often driving to Brighton to play in the arcades and have noodles on the pier.

Both Hubby and I would go out after work with our colleagues and friends, go for spontaneous drinks that would end up lasting the whole evening. We’d go out for meals together, go to the cinema whenever we felt like it and generally didn’t have a care in the world, living for the moment and doing what we felt like on any given day.

Life before children was so, so different to how it is now but that really isn’t a bad thing. I loved the spontaneity of our child free years and the ability to go and enjoy ourselves with no forward planning, I’m really glad we had those years. Since having children Hubby and I haven’t really had any time to ourselves apart from ‘dates’ at home. I know that going forward our couple time will be limited but for that reason it will be appreciated more. I’m also looking forward to holidays that the children can enjoy too and being able to explore the world as a family.

Life may be different but it’s even more amazing when you have little people to share it with.

You can read all about Donna’s life with little ones on her blog Redhead Babyled and also catch her on Twitter at @genuineplacebo.

Laura x

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Donna May 5, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Oooh yay! Here I am again, thanks for having me Laura! x
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LifeLoveLaura May 5, 2014 at 3:52 pm

It’s always a pleasure Donna, thank you for taking part! It’s always nice to know a bit more about pals pre babies :)


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