Feb 26

I can’t stop listening to…

by LifeLoveLaura on February 26, 2014

Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi

Life Love Laura Jonsi Boy Lilikoi

Jonsi is the vocalist from Sigur Ros. I only really know a couple of their tunes but the ones I know of are stunning. I particularly adore “Glosoli” and “Saeglopur,” tracks from the album “Takk” that I googled years ago and was instantly hooked. Everybody will know Hoppipolla, usually the song playing in the background on X-Factor when someone is spouting off their sob story. I’m not sure how Jonsi will feel about that! Only really knowing a snippet of Sigur Ros’ music, I do LOVE Joni’s solo album, “Go.” I have noticed his song ‘Go Do’ on a Philadelphia advert over the past few of months which made me dig this album back out and transfer it onto my phone to listen to on the go (I don’t even know where my iPod is any more!) This song is my favourite. It’s pretty, magical and BIG. It’s best listened to loud, preferably in the car when the sun is shining. Roll on spring!

Laura x

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