Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

by LifeLoveLaura on February 14, 2014

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here! Personally, I love it. No, we don’t need card companies to tell us when to shower our other halves in gaudy red love hearts and teddy bears, this display of love should happen all year round but even still, I LOVE the cards, presents and any excuse to go out for a yummy meal! It’s just a bit of fun and I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! There, I said it.

Life Love Laura Happy Valentine's Day

I was meant to be working today but sadly I’ve been struck down by HFMD from my little niece and it’s gross, I aren’t actually allowed to go into work with it. My twitter followers will probably be sick of hearing about it as I haven’t stopped moaning about it for three days but if you have ever suffered from it, you will understand why. So, this Valentine’s Day I’m not feeling my sexiest – I can’t even give Big or Little T a kiss for fear of passing on my lurgy! This is the hardest part to be honest, Little T keeps coming for hugs and kisses from mummy and I have to say no. It’s horrible as he doesn’t understand that mummy is poorly.

As we’ve just bought a brand new smart TV (priorities and all that), we said we wouldn’t buy Valentine’s gifts this year. We never really go all out but this year the only gift we both wanted was an ace new telly. Who said romance is dead? Gifts aside, I’m hoping my minging hands subside by tomorrow as we are supposed to be having a lovely Valentine’s lunch and Daisy walk whilst my cousin and her daughter look after Little T. T adores my cousin’s little girl so it will be a happy day for us all, my lurgy permitting!

Life Love Laura Valentine's Day Card for wife

Big T and I always do nice cards though. I love a good card! His read “For my wife, I’ve always believed with all of my heart that the dreams that we have can come true because the most wonderful dream I’ve ever had came true the day I met you.” Awwwwww. God, I’m such a sucker. My card (by my good friend I am Nat) to Big T simply says “You’re alright, you are.” A sentiment short and sweet, just like me!

Life Love Laura Happy Valentine's Day I am Nat card

So, are you a V- Day lover or hater? I’d love to know your views!

Laura x

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