Oct 9

Fat and frumpy

by LifeLoveLaura on October 9, 2013

Recently I’ve been having a bit of a crisis about my style. I have always been ‘bigger’ so I’ve always tried to dress to fit and flatter my shape and I haven’t really had any problems with it. I’ve always known which clothes suit me and which don’t but since having T I’ve really struggled in the clothing department. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been so it is now a case of having to find things that fit. Being the size I am, most clothes look ridiculous on me and being so short with massive boobs and a foamy post baby belly, it’s no longer a case of being able to saunter into River Island and pick up any old thing like I used to. These days, shopping on the high street is a chore. Shops like H&M don’t even stock size XL in their stores, only online. Dorothy Perkins sizes seem to be smaller than ever for some reason. Cut backs and saving on material maybe? Next’s prices have risen through the roof and their sizing isn’t as generous as it used to be either. I refuse to go to Evans, I hate it. Zara clothes, even in my slimmer days, have never fit me. Primark has never and will never do it for me either, clothes that cheap have never fit my shape properly and even if they did, they last a couple of washes at the most. All in all, high street shopping for me is a bit of a car crash. I go out with the intention of finding something nice to wear and pretty much 100% of the time, I come back with bags full of cute things for T. This very thing happened yesterday.

I could lose weight but as most of us know, it’s really not that easy. I’ve done it before and I will do it again at some point but right now I’m not “there.” I have to wait until that skinny switch in my mind is flicked. It will one day but until then there is no point in trying, I know how I work that way but I am willing it to happen. Come on, you bugger!

When it comes to finding something to wear that is a sure fire hit, I have turned to ASOS. I have always found their sizing to be really generous and their clothes are really good quality but it’s no good when trying to find something cheap and work friendly. I have to wear trousers and tops for work but these are something that I am really uncomfortable with wearing. My tops have to be a certain style, loose fitting to hide my belly, or I feel uncomfortable. They also can’t be low cut due to the nature of my job. Finding tops that fit this brief isn’t as easy as it sounds and since going back to work I have only found three! It’s a chore having to make sure they’re always washed and ready to wear but it has to be done. Don’t even get me started on trousers, I hate them with a passion! ASOS, as trusty as it always is, just isn’t the sort of place I’d go for work gear, I wouldn’t pay their prices for a start for clothes that quickly get dirty so I’m kind of stuffed. I have trawled the likes of Matalan and Asda and failed, miserably. Where else can I go?

Out of work I live in leggings and dresses. Let’s face it, when you have a baby you spend most of your time on the floor, either changing nappies or playing, so you have to wear something comfortable and easy to move in when you’re a chunky lady like me! The down side to this staple outfit is that when you don’t own any weighing scales, you can’t tell that you’re putting on weight because your leggings and dresses stretch with you. Bummer. This is the conundrum that I’m facing at the moment – I used to wear skinny jeans day in, day out but since having a C-section, I can’t bear to be cooped up in tight jeans that cut into my gut but no way will you see me in a pair of ‘boyfriend’ jeans or mumsy bootcuts. What’s the alternative?

On Sunday I ventured into Topshop, a shop that I pretty much wrote off when I was pregnant. Although it used to be a firm favourite, the styles just aren’t ‘me’ any more. I tried on this:

Topshop tulle black dress

Strappy tulle dress £30

And as cute as it is, I looked a twat, like one of those tutu cladded hippos from Fantasia. I also tried on a t-shirt but because of it’s bog standard boxy shape, all I had to do was team with with some stonewashed jeans and some trainers and I’d look like a butch 1980s female rugby player. Hideous.

The fact that I don’t have time to dry my hair most days doesn’t help matters. I can’t leave the house without having a shower and washing my hair or I don’t feel clean so on the days where I have Little T or when I have a 7am start at work, I wear my hair like this:

My default hair do

Tied back wet with a headband. Glamorous eh? It’s not often that I get chance to dry my hair, it’s so thick that it takes forever. Gone are the days where the hairdryer sends Little T to sleep, he crawls around my bedroom looking for things to break or chew. It’s just not worth it. Thankfully I have good skin so my beauty regime doesn’t take long, a bit of all in one foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss – job’s a good ‘un.

So, where do I go from here? I have no idea where to start shopping, my shape (not size) limits me massively so I’m a bit stuck. It’s totally changed since having a baby, I’m wondering if it’s even worth spending a fortune on new clothes. Shall I simply default to my comfy leggings and jersey dresses, wait until I have another baby THEN go on a wild diet? I don’t know what the answer is but in the meantime, if you have any ideas of where I can get my style mojo back, they’d be greatly appreciated!

Laura x

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MrsSWoodward October 9, 2013 at 8:51 am

Three words: our asos dress!! ;-p in all seriousness ive not bought clothes from Oasis or Topshop or River Island since my age begain with a 1. Although I disagree with H&M, ive found XL and generous L’s in store a lot. I too hate Evans but its because their stuff is overpriced and they do themselves no favours when it comes to instore merchandising-they actually have some ace stuff but you have to really root around for it. Im a big fan of peacocks tbh-slightly better quality than Primarni and better cut for us ladies. That or Asos curve.


LifeLoveLaura October 9, 2013 at 9:12 am

Yay for our asos dress! The only place I’ve found H&M stock XL is in Spain! That’s no good when you have a ridiculously strict baggage allowance on your way home though haha. I used to shop in Peacocks a lot when it had the limited edition by design range but it’s gone a bit downhill now. I’ve always liked things that’re a bit different so the only place that’s doing it for me at the mo is ASOS but I don’t quite have the money. I can never seem to find anything decent on eBay either. Argh!!


Amy Georgina October 14, 2013 at 11:31 am

I had that ASOS dress and it just didn’t work on me so I sent it back – I’m gutted, could’ve been your ASOS dress buddy!!

Definitely New Look Inspire – they’re priced right and the fit is usually pretty good. Sometimes their stuff is really random and you think, “Sort it out”. Their lack of sleeves can get a bit annoying too, my arms are my biggest bugbear so they have to be covered (hence loving Autumn although my office is so hot today I have the window wide open!!) But generally it’s all fairly good – the actual shops that stock a decent amount of their range is getting fewer and further inbetween – thankfully my nearest one does but it’s usually all the shit bits of the range so I tend to stick to online.

Failing that, ASOS Curve especially in the Sales, that’s when I tend to do most of my work shopping.

I live in jeans and tshirts at the weekends so both of the above work perfectly for me.

For work I have a few dresses from Simply Be (but you mentioned you can’t wear dresses at work) – I’ve never worked out if you can order from them without an account but I know that they have some actual shops (I found one in Liverpool).

If you have a Sainsbury’s with a TU clothing range they’re pretty good too, they only go up to a 22 in most stuff so I can’t shop there but the stuff always looks nice.

Hope some of that helps!


Amy Georgina October 14, 2013 at 11:35 am

Also, hair wise, get a nice bob, something that you can dry in seconds, whack a bit of wax in to jhuzz it up and jobs a goodun – I decided this morning come maternity leave (if not the end of the month) I’m going to get another chunk lopped off as even at shoulder length, it takes too long to dry!! I have a low hairline on my neck so I have to keep it longish but think Anna Wintour and you’re there!


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