Mar 20

“I’m as big as”


by LifeLoveLaura on March 20, 2014

As soon as Little T was born I was desperate to find a height chart but being as picky as I am, it proved quite difficult. I never go for the first thing I see and sometimes I even annoy myself with this trait! Ideally I wanted one of the beautiful oak giant ruler style charts but we couldn’t justify spending that much money on a height chart. On my searches I found some lovely wall sticker types but if we ever move house, which we will have to when we have another baby, we wouldn’t be able to take it with us in one piece!

I then came across the “I’m as big as” height chart on Not on the High Street and I didn’t look any further. It’s fab and brings some fun into measuring Little T as he grows. On Tuesday we finally put the height chart up in mine and Big T’s bedroom. We didn’t want to put it in Little T’s room as he’ll no doubt pull it down or draw all over it when playing in his own bedroom. Saying that, he does also play in our room and he’s a little bit like a Tasmanian devil at the moment so I won’t hold my breath at it not getting destroyed!

I'm as big as height chart for boys

Big T and I measured ourselves first to show Little T what to do. It turned out I was as tall as Kylie! If only I had her backside…

I'm as big as height chart for boys

Big T wanted to be as tall as Tutankhamun, but after a couple of goes to double check, I measured him one cm below – as tall as a supermodel. He didn’t like this!

I'm as big as height chart for boys

Little T copied us straight away and stood very still for us to take his height, bless him. I measured a couple of times just to make sure I got it right as I wanted to copy it into his little red book too. I haven’t measured his height since his 1st birthday so it’s been a while but it’s always good to see how our little ones are progressing.

I'm as big as height chart for boys

I'm as big as height chart for boys

I'm as big as height chart for boys

Little T was as big as an Arctic wolf! He had a go at measuring himself too but didn’t quite get it accurately. He did try!

Pros of the “I’m as big as” height chart:

  • It makes measuring our little ones loads more fun than the usual height charts.
  • It has the novelty measurement as well as measuring in cm.
  • It has lots of room for writing down your measurements and the date, to keep track of your little ones growth.
  • It is removable to can be taken with you if you move house or bedrooms.

Cons of the “I’m as big as” height chart:

  • It is very big and quite difficult to stick up straight when you’re only as tall as Kylie! (Big T had to put it up for me)
  • It would be handy if it came with its own sticky pads or something rather than having to use tape.

Over all I love this height chart, I’m always up for a novelty. The measurements are actually quite informative too, I never knew a kimono dragon was so big!

Laura x

*Please note: I was not paid to write this post, I bought the height chart myself. I purchased the chart from Not on the High Street but it is also available from lots of other retailers.*


Jan 24

Cosatto Supa in Foxtrot: A review

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by LifeLoveLaura on January 24, 2014

I absolutely adore Little T’s big pram that he had as a tiny baby and feel really sad at the thought of demoting it to the loft but the time has come for a toddler chariot that’s a little bit smaller and easier to get in and out of the car. Now Little T is walking he doesn’t always need a pram but still being unsteady on his feet, it is so handy to have one there for when he does need it, on longer shopping trips or Daisy dog walks, for example. After umming and ahhing for some time over what we wanted from a buggy, we decided on the Cosatto Supa. Both Little T and his mama are big animal lovers so of course it could only be in the super cute Foxtrot design! With the design being in gender neutral colours – brown, white, orange, black and green, if we have a little girl in the future it will suit her just fine and dandy too (nothing like a bit of forward thinking!). Although the Supa is a beautiful design, I was originally looking at buggies with two single front wheels as I do prefer the look but the Foxtrot really did win me over and the front wheels didn’t matter to me any more.

Our car has a split boot which is perfect for us – the pram sits in the bottom section of the boot, our daft Daisy dog sits on the top so the main issue when finding a smaller buggy for Little T was whether it would fold up small enough to fit in the thin underneath section of our boot or not. I have been a bit of a pest to our local buggy stockists recently and tried various models of buggy in our boot, to no success so when I had my heart set on the Supa, I was wishing for it to fit in the bottom of our boot. And guess what, when we found a stockist to try it before buying, it fit! Yippee!! After falling so in love with Foxtrot design, even before trying it in the car, it was meant to be. I was verrrry excited when it arrived, even the box was cool. Of course, within half an hour or so of it arriving we had to take it out for it’s first walk too!

cosatto supa foxtrot review

cosatto supa foxtrot review

The fox design pops up everywhere on the Foxtrot Supa which I love. Ok, I know the performance of a buggy isn’t based on how it looks but the fact that it’s gorgeous really is a big bonus! Foxes on the outside, on the inside…

Foxes on the handles…

cosatto supa foxtrot review

Foxes on the wheels…

cosatto supa foxtrot review

And foxes on the chest pads and head guard…

cosatto supa foxtrot review

Foxes, foxes everywhere!

Putting the hand warming pocket to good use!

Putting the hand warming pocket to good use!

The Supa comes with its own matching (foxy, of course) foot muff so there’s no need to spend a separate fortune, like with some other buggies. Always a bonus! The orange fleece lining of the cosy toes foot muff makes it great for colder days like today and the front of the cosy toes also has a little pocket where Little T can warm his hands. He loves this bit and as soon as he is fastened in with the fab (and safe) five point harness, his little paws go straight for the hand warming pocket. It’s a great idea! Only one tiny thing I would say about the cosy toes is that is that it’s quite small. Little T is only almost 17 months and his feet already reach the end of the foot-muff. It could do to be a little bit bigger but it would fit a newborn just fine.

cosatto supa foxtrot review

cosatto supa foxtrot review

cosatto supa foxtrot review

There is a little storage pocket (pictured above) behind the hood in between the handles which is good for holding your purse, keys and phone on quick trips. I often pop out for a quick dog walk where I don’t need a handbag or changing bag so this pocket is really handy for that. This pocket is also where a little speaker and MP3 player plug are held so your little one can listen to their favourite tunes on the go. Little T, being a bit of a rocker, loves the speaker so much as is often being pushed along to a bit of Bastille, his favourite band! Of course, you can play your little one’s favourite lullabies to sing them sound to sleep whilst on the go too. What I do like is that the speaker isn’t very loud so it’s perfect for little ears. Little T won’t come home with that buzzing sound in his ears that his mummy has often had from standing too close to the speakers at noisy gigs!

The cup holder is very handy, especially when out on a dog walk and there are no spare hands to push the buggy, hold the dog AND keep check of your hot chocolate. Enough said about that one, it’s ace!

cosatto supa foxtrot review

The hood is quite large and gives good coverage but it can be extended even further when little one is asleep. It can also block out quite a lot of sun on summer days but the best bit about it is, when unzipped and extended, there is a slit where you can pop in your tablet so your little one can watch a film or their favourite programme on the go! Amazing eh? We are yet to try this as I only got my iPad at Christmas so it’s only recently I’ve actually been able to do this!

Hood unextended

Hood as normal

Hood extended

Hood extended

cosatto supa foxtrot review

The Supa is free-standing when folded which can come in very handy but I have found that this can be quite temperamental and it doesn’t always work. When folded and stood on its end, the front wheels make it quite top heavy and it easily topples over – something that I wouldn’t want to risk happening with a little one around so I tend not to stand it free-standing but this isn’t a problem as we tend to keep the buggy in the car anyway! It also has a nifty handle making it easy to carry when folded.

cosatto supa foxtrot review

Top heavy free-standing

The Supa comes with a rain cover that is nice and roomy. It attaches with poppers around the bottom of the front of the buggy near little one’s feet so there’s no chance of them kicking it off, something Little T did a lot with his old pram so this is quite refreshing. The only problem is, if the buggy was laid flat, the rain cover wouldn’t fit around the back but this also isn’t a problem for us as T is older so he rarely needs to be laid flat any more. It could be a problem for somebody using the buggy with a newborn. Another issue with the reclining feature is that the basket wouldn’t be able to be reached at all whilst baby is laid flat. You can easily lift up the back though, it’s nice and smooth so you probably wouldn’t wake them up if you were quick!

The main thing that I have found with the Supa is that it can feel a little bit rattly and, although it is a very light buggy that can be carried with one hand, sometimes feels heavy to manoeuvre. On the plus side, I know why it feels like this to me – I am used to pushing T’s old pram which had air tyres so any bumps weren’t felt much which meant for a very smooth push. The Supa is a buggy that takes pride in being compact and easily folded, however, so a little bit of rattling can be expected and it doesn’t put me off using it at all. If the Supa was our first pram, we wouldn’t know any different, please bare that in mind.

All in all, I have to say that WE LOVE THE SUPA! There are a few little niggles with it but for the most part Little T’s new buggy is fabulous! It’s the coolest umbrella folding buggy out there. It’s compact, easily folded and unfolded, looks amazing and has so many unique aspects. It’s perfect for the techno-savvy little ones of 2014. Oh, and at a very reasonable £145, you really can’t go wrong!! Bargain! To top it all off, Cosatto offer a free four year guarantee, all you need to do is register your buggy on their website to activate the guarantee and you’re hot to (fox)trot!

Laura x

*Please note: I was not paid to write this post. Big T and I bought Little T’s Cosatto Supa with our own hard earned cash! A review can come in very handy for prospective Supa buyers so we’re offering our own views to help others*


Nov 19

Snuguns: A review

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by LifeLoveLaura on November 19, 2013

My child is an escape artist. He used to sit happily wearing his cable knit flat cap or zebra hat but now he’s a little bit older and more aware that there’s something plonked on top of his head, he’s having none of it. It comes straight off. Now that winter is well and truly here I was wondering, if he won’t even keep a hat on how on Earth am I going to keep a pair of gloves on his tiny hands?

I thought about attaching some elastic to a new pair of mittens and threading them through his sleeves but that only really solves the issue of losing them when he inevitably pulls them off! Then, when googling the problem I came across Snuguns - an instant answer to my problem. Snuguns are mittens that fit right up the arm (under or over the sleeves of little one’s coat) so once they’re on, they are quite difficult for your baby to take off. Exactly what you want on chilly days like and exactly what I need for Little T. So, without looking for an alternative solution I ordered a pair in navy blue and they arrived a couple of days ago. Cue long Daisy and Little T walk to test them out! I was very impressed and after an hour’s dog walk in some nearby gardens, we returned home with gloves still firmly in place. T had tried to get them off with his teeth on a couple of occasions but after realising it wasn’t going to happen, he gave up and I *think* he forgot the gloves were even there! Oh, and because his hands were nicely wrapped up warm, his hat stayed on too. Double win!


Snuguns (1)

Snuguns (2)

Snuguns (3)

Snuguns (4)

Snuguns (5)



- They have grippy polka dots so toys and sippy cups don’t slip out of your baby’s hands whilst they are wearing their gloves. The polka dots also look really cute!

- Snuguns are mittens without a thumb section, the hands all go in together so it makes putting them on very easy – like socks for hands!

- They are quite tight, obviously not tight enough to be uncomfortable on your baby’s arm but tight enough to not be pulled off easily.

- They come in lots of funky colours, all with the grippy polka dots

- They fit from birth, right up until 4 years

- Double layered for extra warmth


- I actually can’t think of any, other than it would be nice to have more animal designs to choose from. That is the only con I could think of as they really did solve our problem!

All in all, I love (and T loves) his Snuguns so much that I’m thinking of buying a second pair in green. I’m also thinking of having a go with their Grippa socks too, as, surprise surprise, T isn’t a fan of wearing anything that covers his feet either!! Thank you for a fab product, Snuguns!

Laura x

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post, I paid for the Snuguns with my own hard earned money. I am merely a mum that has found something very useful, wanting to share it with my readers!*


May 16

A licence to be smug


by LifeLoveLaura on May 16, 2013

I didn’t have an easy pregnancy, in fact it was pretty awful. I moaned and moaned but with really bad sickness until I was 7 months, rightly so! Once the sickness subsided I became swollen like an elephant and, along with my PGP which I was signed off from work a month early for, I could barely walk. I took to Twitter and complained but I did always try to look on the positive side, telling myself that it was temporary discomfort for a lifetime reward… and I was right! Now Little T is 8 and a half months old I actually miss being pregnant!! If anybody had told me, whilst I sat with my head hanging over the loo bowl, that I would long to be pregnant again I would’ve told them to jog on, probably a bit less politely.

Now, whilst I let off some pregnancy steam, moaning about what a terrible time I was having, on occasion (not just on twitter but in real life too) I was met with some of the following:

“Oh you just wait ’til he’s here.”

“This is nothing compared to labour.”

“You think it’s bad now, you’ll get a shock when they arrive.”

And many more variants of the same thing. Sometimes (ok, quite often) when I wasn’t well enough to make it into work I would lay in bed ALL day watching shit TV (Sky multiroom is magic when you’re pregnant by the way), like until 4pm ‘all day,’ only moving for loo stops and for food. When people asked what I had been up to I would get the following:

“You do right, get the sleep in whilst you still can.”

“You know you won’t be able to do that when baby is here don’t you?”

And again, many more variants of the same thing. My reaction – just smile sweetly whilst thinking, ‘do one and die.’

Crying babies are FUN

Crying babies are FUN

Why is it, when somebody has a baby they think the have the right to be smug, scaremongering and think they know it all? Since having Little T many of my friends on twitter and in real life, even my sister in law, have had babies or are pregnant. Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, I haven’t been a smug know it all to them as these people irritated me more than anything when I was pregnant and to be honest, they still do. These know it alls haven’t stopped now T is here, they just carry on offering their crap parenting advice. I remember going to show Little T off to Big T’s colleagues when he was a few weeks old. Everybody was so giddy and excited to see him except for one lady. She asked us how he’d been sleeping etc, as you do. I can’t remember what we said at the time but I do remember her answer:

“He won’t stay like that, you know.”

FUCK. OFF. I felt like saying “just because you had a shit experience with parenting love, doesn’t mean you have to put a downer on everybody else’s,” but as it was one of my husband’s colleagues, it could’ve been his manager for all I knew, I kept my mouth shut. Every time I hear or read somebody saying something along the lines of the above to a new parent or a pregnant lady it really does make my blood boil. Big T has been known to have a little rant about this too so it’s obviously not just me that’s touchy! Yes, Little T is a good baby but we’re fully aware that it could all go downhill in a couple of months or next time we could have one that is an absolute nightmare, no two babies are the same after all. You could have ten children and it still doesn’t make you an expert as far as I’m concerned. Even though you’re a mother, nothing gives you the right to be smug to new parents or mums to be. You may not be having the best time but that’s not to say that the person you’re offering absolutely ridiculous and useless advice to will have the same experience as you.

Dealing with Little T's hip dysplasia wasn't easy. In no way do we imply that we had a harder or easier time than anybody else.

Dealing with Little T’s hip dysplasia wasn’t easy. In no way do we imply that we had a harder or easier time than anybody else.

What I’m trying to say is – please let’s stop putting a downer on things for new mums and dads and excited parents to be. It’s a scary enough time as it is, you’re learning on the job, you’re being given conflicting advice from midwives, parenting books and other real mums and you don’t really know what to do for the best. Smug mothers who think they’re the only ones in the world having a bad time offering their “I know more than you” two penneths worth don’t really help matters. If I see one more scaremongering tweet or somebody else says to me “ooooh Little T’s almost crawling is he, soon you won’t know what’s hit you,” I may just fucking scream. Every stage of parenting is hard, in no way am I disputing that, but what I don’t want to hear or read is people putting a downer on it. It’s all on the job learning for first time parents, the last thing we need is somebody, embittered by their parenting experience, giving us snotty remarks.

“Good luck with that” is one of the worst. Fact is, something you might have trouble with another person may have found a doddle with their child and vice versa. Parenthood shouldn’t be a constant one-upmanship with your peers. It’s not a competition, the winner being the one who’s having the shittest time. Shouldn’t we try to help each other out when we’re struggling rather than striving to make out like you’re having a worse time than your twitter followers or your neighbour with the newborn? I’m not in any way saying that us parents should pretend that everything’s rosy in order to delude those tinkering on the edge of parenthood into thinking that it’s easy. These people, as was I, are totally aware that it won’t be easy, they just don’t need it rubbing in their faces after everything they say. It’s unnecessary. This isn’t particularly a reply to one recent occurrence, it’s a reaction to almost 18 months worth of experience – from the start of my pregnancy until now… and the future no doubt.

Stop it, stop it now.

Laura x