Jun 23

Sunday catch up

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by LifeLoveLaura on June 23, 2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since LLL’s last Sunday catch up. I lost my blogging mojo a tiny bit, which I apologise for. I’m am dedicated to LLL and its readers but I’ve just been enjoying some much needed family time with Big and Little T.

So, if you’ve missed anything on the blog this week, here goes…

You and me, always twittering

Monday was all about the friendships made through the wonderful social media site that is Twitter. People who don’t use Twitter or are thinking of starting up an account, read this and then do it. You are sure to meet some wonderful people!

Clarks green Doodle crusier shoes

Tuesday was Little T’s first day with his fabulous new big boy shoes. Why do babies grow up so fast?!

Hull KR baby teddy bear

On Wednesday I shared my view on the pink/blue debate. It’s something that will cross your mind at some point, whether you have a little boy or girl.

Friday saw some amazing nautical knick knacks from Next. I’m having a hard time from having a bit of a spending spree at the moment but sadly it will have to wait until I go back to work next month!

And there we have it for another week. Have you been up to anything nice?

Laura x


Jun 21

Nautical Knick-Knacks


by LifeLoveLaura on June 21, 2013

I’m obsessed with anything nautical but we know that already! It can be a seasonal thing for some, donning the stripes and the anchors in the summer. It’s a bit of a shame that shops only offer this trend in the spring and summer though as for me it’s an all year round love! It started when I was tiny and seems to have been inherited from my dad who was a Merchant Navy Captain. I think living on the outskirts of Hull has also contributed, it’s riddled with maritime history. Anything with a bit of rope or an anchor never fails to catch my eye. Have you seen the kids TV programme Grandpa in my Pocket? It is set in the most amazing beach hut! If I ever won the lottery…

Grandpa in my Pocket

Grandpa in my Pocket

This season Next have nailed it with the nautical. They have so many wonderful things in their stores at the moment, I’m not sure my directory card can take the pressure of my spend happy nature! Here are a few of my favourite nautical knick-knacks from Next. I need some more Grandpa in my Pocket decor in my life!

Shipping forecast tapestry - £60

Shipping forecast tapestry – £60

Promenade mugs - £12

Promenade mugs – £12

Lighthouse cushion - £12

Lighthouse cushion – £12

Pirate bed - £299

Pirate bed – £299

Metal bell - £8

Metal bell – £8

Life buoy print cushion - £12

Life buoy print cushion – £12

Shutter mirror - £99

Shutter mirror – £99

Buoy lamp - £50

Buoy lamp – £50

Framed seaside picture - £30

Framed seaside picture – £30

Sherlock chair - £175 to £550

Sherlock chair – £175 to £550

Nautical but nice cushion - £14

Nautical but nice cushion – £14

Maps wallpaper - £15 per roll

Maps wallpaper – £15 per roll

Anchor bedding - £10 to £15

Anchor bedding – £10 to £15

I adore the anchor bedding so much that I’m going to buy it for both mine and Big T’s room and Little T’s nautical nursery. A little OTT some might say but I’ve never done things by half!

Laura x


Jun 17

I do love Twitter


by LifeLoveLaura on June 17, 2013

We all love to use our social networking accounts. Some of us check them as soon as we open our eyes in a morning, myself included. Seeing that little illuminated @ sign or a red number above a globe can make waking up all blurry eyed a little bit less unpleasant. That sounds really sad but with the rise of smartphones and social networking it is a reality of the times we live in. I recently wrote a little bit of a rant about the annoyances of Facebook and a lot of people agreed with me about how irritating it has become. This post won’t be following it its footsteps though, I want to confess my love for Twitter.

I signed up a long time ago but it took me about 18 months, on and off, to get into it. At first I couldn’t understand what the point of it was if you couldn’t ‘add’ friends, instead having to wait for people to ‘follow’ you. When I was wedding planning, after noticing my wedding venue (Danby Castle) on there, it wasn’t long before I got a few wedding related followers of my own. Yay! Twitter, slowly but surely, became an invaluable tool for my wedding planning, not only discovering many of my suppliers on there but also becoming very pally with lots of fellow Tweeters. My bride to be and wedding blogging days might be over but there are some amazing wedding ladies, suppliers and bloggers, that I have stayed in touch with. Some of us still gossip on an almost daily basis and it’s lovely. They’re hilarious.

Then there are the fellow brides to be. We all got married around the same time and we shared everything wedding related. I won’t name them all, with baby brain still lingering I’m bound to forget somebody, but a lot of the girls who I shared wedding planning highs and lows with have become real friends. People who I still chat to everyday and it’s getting on for two years after my wedding. In fact, I speak to most of these ladies more than I speak to my friends in real life. I say ‘real life’ to refer to the friends that I see in person, of course Twitter is real life too but a lot of these ladies I have never even met. I appreciate how strange this sounds and people who don’t use Twitter won’t understand these relationships at all. I talk about my Twitter friends to my friends in ‘real life,’ to my parents and to my husband just like they’re friends that have always been around. We share a lot of things going on in our lives (thank you What’s App, email and DMs!) and I am so grateful for Twitter helping me to get to know these ladies. We are a very diverse bunch and this just adds to the beauty of our little group, or our ‘Twitter family.’

This sums us up perfectly

This sums us up perfectly

Something devastating very much shook our Twitter family recently. On mine and Little T’s holiday in Spain I was given the most heartbreaking news possible from one of our friends and it’s something that will stay with us all forever. I can honestly say that the love and care from our Twitter family over the past few weeks is something that I will never forget. A group of ladies, most of which have never met, really came together and showed that you don’t have to live in the same part of the country or have known each other for the last 20 years to be great friends and shoulders to lean on in times of need. It’s not a secret club. Like I said, I would name everybody but I don’t want to forget anybody. We’re just a group of normal ladies and even though we’re all so different (which is a good thing!) we have been brought together through this brilliant social networking site. When Twitter disappears into the depths of cyberspace, much like Myspace, I can honestly say that we will still all be good pals. We have been through too much together and we will no doubt support each other through times to come. It’s unlikely that we will lose touch as we know too much about each other!

With the odd “I love my Twitter friends” tweet here and there, this post has been brewing for a while. Whenever I tweet anything like that my friends think I’ve had a bit of a personality transplant! Thanks to Claire at You and Me Are Family who wrote something very similar last week, I have finally been brave enough to post this. I am a sentimental bugger, always have been, but many of you will know that I struggle to be serious. I often choose to take the Mickey out of things or pick on people rather than saying the obvious or simply being nice. I am nice, honestly, it’s just that I’ve always been the joker. The crude one at primary school and the one that’s grown up to have a massively inappropriate sense of humour. Some people don’t get me, they just think I’m a bit of a twat. My Twitter family however, have accepted my imperfections. They ‘get’ me and this is, along with the huge sense of community that we’ve found in recent weeks, is the reason why I love them so much!

Thank you Twitter… and thank you ladies, you know who you are.

Laura x


Jun 2

Sunday catch up


by LifeLoveLaura on June 2, 2013

It’s Sunday again which means only one thing – it’s catch up time! We’re a few posts into Life, Love, Laura & Guests whilst Little T and I are away, I hope you’re enjoying it so far? If you have missed anything this week, here goes…

Regular Bank Holiday breakfast

Regular Bank Holiday breakfast

As it was Bank Holiday on Monday there wasn’t a full post, just a happy Bank Holiday wish, which included a photo of the most amazing bacon sandwich. I want to eat it all over again.

Tuesday was a little moan about the ever changing social networking site that is Facebook. Changing for the worst, that is. A Necessary evil. A lot of people seemed to agree with me on this one. What do you think?



On Wednesday we had my Love list #1. If only money, work, circumstances, etc etc weren’t an issue… But I guess being a dreamer is good!

Our first holiday to Spain in October

Our first holiday to Spain in October

On Thursday, Little T and I shipped (or flew) ourselves off to Spain. It’s our final bit of chill out time before I go back to work so hopefully it will be nice and relaxing.

Hannah and Nick's engagement party - Make, Do and Push!

Hannah and Nick’s engagement party

Friday saw the first post of Life, Love, Laura & Guests. The gorgeous Hannah from Make, Do & Push! and mummy to beautiful baby Bea let us in on choosing her engagement ring. Everybody knows I love a good wedding and engagement story!



Doesn’t everybody love a diet burger? On Saturday we had another Life, Love, Laura & Guests post. Laura from Daisy’s Tea Party reveals a recipe for a burger that not only tastes smashing but is also good for the waistline. Everyone’s a winner with this one!

Et voila! Coming up early next week are a few more Life, Love, Laura & Guests posts, yay!

Laura x


May 29

Love List #1


by LifeLoveLaura on May 29, 2013

After yesterday’s downbeat post about my love/hate affair with Facebook, I wanted to lighten the tone on Life, Love, Laura a little bit by showing and telling my current love list. A love list can be made up of anything – things that are achievable or things that are out of your reach, way beyond your wildest dreams. Either way it doesn’t matter, you can still fantasise about some of the magical things in the world, be them big or small. It’s good to be a dreamer!

What I would give to go travelling again. Big T and I were talking about it a few days ago and it’s given us both a little bit of our wanderlust back. We never lost it, we just had to put it on hold with the wedding and baby. I’d love to take some time off work again and take Little T backpacking around New Zealand. It’s somewhere I’m dying to go back to after I fell in love with the beauty and laid back lifestyle of the place on our travels in 2009. I’d like to think that we will live there one day, even it it’s only temporary, but I’m not sure that money and circumstance will allow. I’m never saying never though. I’d always settle for Canada if New Zealand was out of the question!



I want a garden (and gardening tools) so I can store them like this. Perfect.



DIY dinosaur tails? Hell yeah! I want to make Little T and myself matching ones and we will wear them together everywhere we go. If only I had a sewing machine.



I want my hair this colour now please.



I would quite like to decorate every room in my house in flocked dog silhouette wallpaper. Something tells me that Big T would tell me off. Shame.

Laura x



May 19

Sunday catch up


by LifeLoveLaura on May 19, 2013

It’s Sunday catch up time! This week saw the blog at its most popular so far so thank you everybody that has been reading and commenting, it really does mean a lot! if you have missed anything this week, here goes…

Lydia Bright lace top dress - £75

Lydia Bright lace top dress – £75

There was no post on Monday due to rubbish-y techincal issues so Tuesday was the start of the week on LLL when I shared my current love list. At a time when you don’t have the funds for shopping, why do you see a load of lovely stuff in the shops? Typical!

A two week old Little T and his friend Daisy

A two week old Little T and his friend Daisy

Wednesday’s post was all about pets and babies. A potentially controversial topic but being a an animal lover it’s something I feel quite strongly about. What do you think?

Crying babies are FUN

Crying babies are FUN

Thursday saw the busiest day on the blog so far with a post that seemed to be quite a raw subject for a lot of mums. Don’t you just hate it when other parents think they have a licence to be smug? If so, this post is for you!

Make, Do & Push Mash-Up Week

Make, Do & Push Mash-Up Week – An East Coast engagement

On Friday I was blogging all about our engagement over at the fabulous Make, Do and Push! It was lovely to relive it all again, thank you for having us Hannah!

And there we have it for another week on Life, Love, Laura.

Laura x





May 14

No money but massive love list

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by LifeLoveLaura on May 14, 2013

Why is it, when you’re looking for something to wear for a night out or you have a certain style of something in your mind when you’re out shopping, you can never find anything? When I was looking for some gorgeous gowns to wear on my honeymoon I couldn’t find a thing but when I returned home they were everywhere! The same applies whilst being totally skint and on maternity leave. I am on the unpaid home stretch of my time off with Little T, soon to go back to work. At a time when I’m really having to watch the pennies it just so happens that I have seen LOADS in the shops that I want. I want, I want, I want. Bloody typical.

Anyway, a snippet from my current love list. Shopping, you and I were once friends…

Dorothy Perkins waterfall jacket - £30

Dorothy Perkins waterfall jacket – £30

Fearne Cotton spot print dress - £39

Fearne Cotton spot print dress – £39

Next bird print jersey and lace dress - £28

Next bird print jersey and lace dress – £28

Red Herring mint green dress - £26

Red Herring mint green dress – £26

River Island geometric pattern maxi dress - £35

River Island geometric pattern maxi dress – £35

ASOS teal kimono - £40

ASOS teal kimono – £40

Lydia Bright lace top dress - £75

Lydia Bright lace top dress – £75

Next leopard print dipped hem dress - £22

Next leopard print dipped hem dress – £22

Purple sequin skater dress - £30

Purple sequin skater dress – £30

George bird print dress - £12

George bird print dress – £12

It seems that I only wear a certain style of dress but it’s ALL about the comfort these days. I can’t start wearing anything adventurous at a time when my body’s not at it’s best. I also have to admit that I have actually bought a couple of these… meh, I don’t treat myself often. Worrying about the credit card bill can wait until I’ve gone back to work and in the mean time I’ll enjoy wearing my new dresses and jacket!

Laura x



May 10

I got Liebster-ed!


by LifeLoveLaura on May 10, 2013

Liebster Award

Yesterday I had an email to approve a comment so off I trot to have a read where I found some news that made my day! The lovely Ciara from City to Sticks had nominated me for a Liebster Award. After getting a little bit too excited and googling all about it I realised that sadly there isn’t a swanky awards ceremony so no need for me to rush out and buy an expensive new dress (bummer). There is however, a big sense of community and helping each other out with the Liebster Award. The ‘award’ is more special than getting the thumbs up from some unfamiliar snotty nosed judge sitting behind a desk, think Simon Cowell. It is a stamp of approval from your peers and fellow new bloggers to let you know that you are doing something right and that they appreciate all of your hard work. It gave me a big smile when I saw the comment from Ciara. German for sweetheart, darling, beloved – all of those lovely words, the Liebster Award means ‘you’re fab!’ Just as I was starting to lose my blogging mojo, thinking my waffle was getting lost around t’interweb-land, I go and get a big virtual kick up the arse. Yay, someone IS reading and appreciating Life, Love, Laura! So, to little known bloggers like me, the Liebster Award is a bit of a biggie and I’m flattered to be on board. Thank you Ciara!

The simple rules of the Liebster Award are:

- List 11 facts about yourself

- Answer the 11 questions that I have answered below

- Nominate 11 fellow fab new bloggers who have 200 followers or less

- Go to each bloggers’ page and let them know that you’ve nominated them

- Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their page, et voila!

So here we go, 11 facts about me…

1. I’m not really a big chocolate fan. 2. I ADORE good tattoos but limit them to places on my body that aren’t often on show as I can’t be arsed to keep up the image, clothes and make up wise, to go with them. 3. I swear way too much. 4. If I won the Euromillions I’d build a big animal rescue centre and spend my life playing with puppies and kittens. 5. I was born without many big teeth so most of them are still baby teeth or dental implants. 6. As sad as it sounds, I love my Labrador as much as I love my mum, dad and husband. 7. I have been obsessed with anchors since I was about 3 years old. 8. I could listen to Olivia Colman talk all day. 9. My life is pretty much ruled by food. 10. At 28, I still have no idea what I want to do career wise. 11. I love rain.

Why did you start blogging?

I originally started blogging in February 2011 during the run up to my wedding. My Bonfire Night Bride wedding blog was quite successful when it was up and running but with working full time and planning our wedding too I just didn’t have the time to keep it up. Since having my baby boy, however, I wanted to start blogging again as a way to get in touch with other like minded new parents and also it’s something to look back on when we’re all a little bit older.

If you could eat lunch anywhere in the world where would you go and what would have have?

Oh my god, this is a difficult one. I live for food so it depends what mood I’m in. I can nearly always eat pizza though so I’d have to say Lombardi’s in New York. Their pizza is gooooooood!!

From whom, what and where does your blogging inspiration come from?

From my little boy, my twitter friends, things I see on tv, things in see or do in everyday life – pretty much everything and everywhere!

How do you handle a stressful day?

This is going to sound ridiculous but I either have a big snuggle with my Labrador Daisy or I’ll shout at my husband. Sometimes both or sometimes whichever of these happens first.

What do you hope your children remember about you?

I would like my little man to remember how much fun his childhood was, how much he was loved and how much he laughed. Laughter and love are two of the most important things in life, after all.

What is your favourite recipe?

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to cooking, I’m quite lazy and would rather have someone else cook for me! I do love to make a beef and orange daube though, it takes forever but it’s bloody worth it. Yum yum!

What is your favourite quote?

I tried so very hard to come up with something inspirational here but it would just be a lie to make myself sound deep. My actual most favourite quote has to be “why’re you so sweaty? I was watching Cops,” from Stepbrothers.

What projects are you working on right now?

Bringing up my little boy, trying to get into the swing of regular exercise, blogging Life, Love, Laura and getting myself mentally ready to go back to work in July after my maternity leave, yuk!

What is the best thing about you?

Hmm that’s a really difficult one. Probably my eyes and my sense of humour.

Will you follow any of the bloggers that you nominate?

Of course, there’s no point nominating them if you don’t follow them.

What makes you giggle?

My little boy’s laugh and anything that’s massively inappropriate!

And the blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award are:

You and Me are Family

Make, Do and Push!

Never Entirely Satisfied


Daisy’s Tea Party

Our Day By Design

Mummy Never Sleeps

Rachel Beasley

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Rocked By Life

Ok, so there are 12 here and some of my nominated blogs may have more than 200 followers but it’s not a big deal, it’s just nice to be able to let them know they’re appreciated!

Laura x


May 8

We love The Book of Mormon!


by LifeLoveLaura on May 8, 2013

No, Big T and I haven’t suddenly decided to pack up and shift ourselves to Utah, I’m talking about the Broadway/West End hit musical of course! We’re both a pair of secret West End Wendies and have been guilty of a good old belt it out sing along to One Day More whilst motorway driving (the best place for it) so when we heard about The Book of Mormon we knew we had to see it. We tried to get tickets on our honeymoon in New York in November, 2011 and they were like rocking horse shit. Since then we have been dying to see it so when it came over to the UK we snapped up some tickets asap and last week we finally saw it. It was BRILLIANT, so worth the wait!!

The Book of Mormon, Prince of Wales Theatre, London

Written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the guys responsible for South Park, it tells the story of two young Elders – one a socially inept idiot and the other an all-American squeaky clean pretty boy, who get shipped out together on their ‘mission’ to Uganda. Tackling war lords, an AIDS riddled village and their fears about whether God really does exists, they try to spread the word of the Book of Mormon. I won’t spoil it as to whether they are successful or not! I have read that Stone and Parker think of the show as an “atheist love letter to religion.” That couldn’t sum it up any more perfectly, in my eyes!

I remember saying to Big T as we were sitting down, “the worst thing about seeing a show you haven’t seen before is that you don’t know any of the songs.” He agreed but in this case it really didn’t matter, we were both drawn in from the off and every song was a belter. One that stood out was an Hakuna Matata piss take, screaming profanities at God. It wasn’t just the lyrics that were great throughout the show, the music was amazing too. I’m a sucker for an orchestra! Since getting home I have, embarrassingly, been guilty of downloading the whole soundtrack to play on every car journey until I’m sick of hearing it. Standard practise. A it happens, the opening song has caught Little T’s attention too, making him giggle like mad. It’s a good job it’s one of the only songs that isn’t gross!

Book of Mormon, London

Before going in, the only thing I associated with Mormons was that vile Mitt Romney bloke. When leaving, I felt like I’d had a full theology/history lesson, Tony Robinson style. I have read some laughable reviews – this one from the Daily Mail (not surprising really), where the author couldn’t have missed the point any more if they’d tried, was particularly amusing. The show meets some horrific subjects and it doesn’t pussyfoot around them, instead it tackles them head on with a sledgehammer so go with an open mind. If you’re easily offended this definitely won’t be your thing. If however, you love all things politically incorrect, crude, sick and wrong, you’ll LOVE IT! On the other hand, the show isn’t a shock-fest just for the sake of it. It’s very clever, has a heart, you’ll feel educated and it’s message is that Mormons, although believing in something that appears to be ridiculous to an onlooker, really can be good people. I can see this one sticking around on Broadway and in the West End for a long time and rightly so. That works in my favour as I want to see it again, NOW.

Laura x



Apr 28

Sunday catch up


by LifeLoveLaura on April 28, 2013

In case you have missed anything on Life, Love, Laura this week, here we have a quick catch up for you!

Next Rolling Stones baby top

On Monday we had Music: The next generation - all about my past love affair with music and how it seems to be rubbing off on little Mr T. It also showcased T’s pick of some brill baby band T-shirts!

DIY sparkly crystal wedding shoes

Tuesday gave you tips on how to bling up your shoes – perfect for anything from your wedding day to ‘just because.’ Everybody needs a pair of sparkly shoes in their life! Why not have a go?

Combination feeding v baby led weaning

Wednesday shared our weaning woes – baby led weaning v combination feeding. Are you at the weaning stage with your little one or thinking about how you might go about it? Read all about our baby led weaning troubles and how we found flexibility to be key!

Next Keep Smiling animal Romper

Friday was a bit of Baby Next love! T showed off some of his wardrobe for his spring holiday to Spain. Next has some fab clothes for both boys and girls, does anything tickle your fancy?

Et voila! Are you having a fabulous weekend so far?

Laura x