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Baby Next love!

by LifeLoveLaura on April 26, 2013

It’s no secret that I favour Next clothes for my little boy. I’ve tried outfits from all over the high street but I always end up going back to Next. This was the case for my mum’s 60th birthday party recently. I wanted to find him a special little shindig outfit and trawled our town centre unsuccessfully so I ended back in the old faithful and found him something fabulous straight away. He’s 7 months old so he doesn’t manage even half a day without spilling something, being sick, or naturally being a bit of a bruiser! His clothes take quite a bit of a bashing and need washing so often that he needs something really good quality. We also like him to look tidy and stylish – these are the reasons why I go to Next every time (and also the culprit of my Next account creeping up to a ridiculous level!)

Toby's party outfit

T’s party outfit

T’s fab party outfit was from the Young Boys range which starts at 3 months and goes right up to 6 years old:

Next cars polo shirt - £10-£11

Next cars polo shirt – £10-£11

Aqua contrast trim chinos - £9-£10

Aqua contrast trim chinos – £9-£10

Monkey pram shoes - £6-£7

Monkey pram shoes – £6-£7

The outfit put together was so simple, comfortable for T to wear and got so many compliments from family and friends. I can’t lie, he did steal the show a little bit! The chinos looked great. It sounds silly but T does suit a more fitted trouser. I love him in baby leggings as they don’t ride up when he’s wriggling and bouncing around the living room floor. These fitted chinos did the same. They stayed put, the bright aqua-mint green looked ace on him (he does suit brighter colours) and they also have a lovely contrast hem which folds up or down so the trousers will grow with him for a little while.

T and I have a spring holiday in Spain coming up at the end of May whilst daddy stays at home to finish off some of his uni work. (If anybody has any tips for travelling on a plane on their own with a wriggle bum baby they’d be much appreciated!!) We have stocked up on some lovely Next clothes for his trip away. I tend to buy things as I see them rather than waiting to see what size he’s going to be. Next sizes in general tend to be quite generous, my little man grows out of other high street shop’s clothes a lot quicker for some reason. T’s fab party outfit will be joining us on our holiday; here are some of his other cute clothes for his Spanish siesta and beyond:


I have always stuck to the motto “children should look be dressed as children” as seeing babies in ridiculously grown up outfits, especially girls, makes me cringe but Next offer fab, affordable age appropriate outfits for both girls and boys. I love them!

Laura x


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Rakel April 27, 2013 at 3:10 pm

so cute!


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